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 Erwin Koenig

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PostSubject: Erwin Koenig   Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:56 am


An apocryphal WW2-era German sniper (prominently featured in Enemy at the Gates), Major Erwin König is the German hero infantry in the game. Once you see him in action, you'll forget about Jarmen Kell, commander. With his sniper rifle and formidable skills, König can defeat hoardes of infantry alone. He is trained from your Barracks with all the special skills the Allied Sniper has to learn through lengthy training, namely "Prone Fire" and "Deploy Fire". From a standing position, König can fire his sniper rifle at a low rate of fire, similar to the Allied Sniper. When deploying, his rate of fire, damage and range increases. He can also fire with increased stats from any open-topped vehicle. His firepower is further boosted when being used as Gunner on a vehicle which allows infantry to serve as gunners. His best performance is however seen when sending him into a civilian building, where his high position increases his firepower further. Over time, Koenig can learn further abilities, such as becoming invisible when not moving or firing, becoming invisible when not firing, and finally, becoming constantly invisible. He can also learn weapon-related abilities, such as rapid-fire (very useful for a sniper with his rather low rate of fire), anti-materiel, chemical or mutagene ammunition, gun-fu multidirectional firing, and attacking aircraft, but the paramount of this unit are his "Magic Bullets" and "Avatar Possession" abilities: Magic Bullets will make him fire homing bullets at any place on the map, while "Avatar Possession", when invoked (via deploying) turns him into an invulnerable avatar of the norse god Loki. This form can only be kept for a limited time, though...

The only downside of this versatile infantry unit
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Erwin Koenig
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