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 Bio Trooper / Chem Trooper

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PostSubject: Bio Trooper / Chem Trooper   Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:00 pm

The Bio Trooper is yet another unconventional warfare unit of the Soviet army, a soldier carrying a tank with highly pressurized biotoxins. These biotoxins are stored in liquid form through the high pressure inside the tank, but are really vapors at anything close to the temperatures these forces are expected to fight as. The tank is linked to a chemical spray weapon, which is used to attack targets. When expelled from the spraying device, the acid liquid will seriously damage both infantry and vehicles, before vaporizing in a puff of toxic gas. The gas will linger for a while in the form of easily visible green clouds, highly toxic to infantry, but harmless to vehicles, before dissapating.
The Bio Trooper wears a modified variant of the Tesla Trooper's armor, protecting him both from his own and other forces' chemical and biological weapons. When killed, the Trooper's chemical backpack tank will rupture, causing the overpressure inside to expand in a violent explosion, spawning corrosive liquid which will quickly vaporize upon contact with air, forming clouds of noxious gas.

A similar weapon system is used by a Soviet combat vehicle, the Chem Tank.
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Bio Trooper / Chem Trooper
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