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 Chemical Tank

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PostSubject: Chemical Tank   Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:53 am

German special

The German special unit takes great amounts of biotxin gas right to the front and turns any enemy entrenchment into a gas chamber. The vehicle carries a large pressurized tank with biotoxins. The toxin is gaseous at any temperature close to what this tank is supposed to encounter, but liquified due to the overpressure it is put under in the tank. The tank is connected to a spraying device in the front of the tank. When the valve is opened, the overpressure expands expells the toxin through the spraying unit. Highly corrosive, anything hit will be dissolved, be it flesh or metal, before the toxin vaporizes and creates clouds of toxic green gas that will linger for some time, deadly to infantry. The toxin will also induce a chemical reaction inside organisms, creating more gas, causing their bodies to swell and finally burst open, releasing more gas.

The Chem Tank is fitted with anti-corrosive plating and is thus immune to its won weapon system (or other Chem Tanks). However, if destroyed, it will violently explode and toxic gas will be released from the tank.
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Chemical Tank
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