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PostSubject: Bomber____   Thu Mar 27, 2008 3:33 pm

Classification: Medium bomber
Effective VS:
Ineffective VS:
Armament: Free-fall bombs
Armor: Light
TechLevel: medium
Requires: Airfield
Produced by: Airfield

The Bomber attacks by dropping bombs in strafing runs. It carries one run worth of bombs. All upgrades that apply to the StuKa also apply to the Bomber, except for Chemical Warfare 1. The Bomber directly receives Chemical Warfare 2, but the damage for this weapon and all other upgrades is scaled accordingly compared to the StuKa, and the bombs will still be dropped in strafing runs.

Glide Bomb
Upgrade that allows ranged attack with a Glide Bomb. The bomber will only fire a single Glide Bomb from a safe distance, instead of a strafing run, then return to base. The bomb will slowly glide into its target. It carries a large load of explosives that will seriously damage most structures, but the damage is concentrated on a narrower space than with the basic bombing run. Glide Bombs can also carry chemical and incendiary loads.

Flying Bomb
Airborne launch platform for V1 Flying Bombs. This turns the Bomber into a true aerial standoff weapons platform. Flying bombs can also carry chemical and incendiary loads.
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