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 StuKa Bomber

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PostSubject: StuKa Bomber   Thu Mar 27, 2008 3:45 pm

The StuKa - Sturzkampfbomber (dive bomber) - is a feared german surface attack aircraft that is often regarded as "flying artillery support" - indeed, the StuKa carries large amounts of relatively small explosive bombs, allowing economic application of force over extended periods of time. Unlike bomber aircraft, the StuKa will not attack an area in a strafing run, but rather focus a small payload on its immedeate target in a steep diving attack. It is extremely effective against single targets, but does not make a good bomber aircraft. The StuKa carries a large amount of ammunition, so large that it will not have to reload during any reasonable game session, and after having moved to a destination or eliminated a target, the StuKa will not return to its home Airfield, but will instead circle the area, patroling for enemy ground forces to come into its vicinity. The StuKa has no means of air-to-air combat.

Cluster bomb
Dropped bombs hold multiple warheads. This will be retained with all other bomb upgrades.

Incendiary bomb
StuKa will drop incendiary bombs, which are effective against infantry and wooden structures and cause residual fires. Compared to the standard HE bombs, they are less effective against hardened structures and vehicles, though.

Chemical warfare 1
The StuKa is fitted with a dispenser for chemical substances. This provides a secondary attack method with toxic gas, which will be used against infantry.

Chemical warfare 2
The StuKa looses the dispenser and will instead be fitted with chemical bombs.

All upgrades that chance the effect of the gas used (those seen on the StormHawk) also apply to the StuKa.
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StuKa Bomber
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