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 Stormhawk Interceptor

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PostSubject: Stormhawk Interceptor   Fri Mar 28, 2008 7:47 am

Classification: Fighter
Effective VS: Aircraft
Ineffective: Fortifications
Armor: Light
Armament: Autocannon
Produced by: Air Field
Requires: Air Field, Research Center
Tech Level:

A jet interceptor aircraft. It is about as fast and high-flying as the Allied Harrier, but is non-VTOL and uses an autocannon as weapon. The aircraft is effective against other aircraft, needing very few hits to down even heavy bombers. It can also attack ground targets. However, the jet carries only one run worth of ammunition, allowing it to take out one aircraft or ground unit, before having to return to an Airfield to reload.

MK 108
Better weapon. Increase range and firepower.

Mine shell
Increase explosive load for StormHawk cannon shells to do more damage.

Schräge Musik
When reaching Elite status, the aircraft is upgraded with a special weapon setup called "Schräge Musik" (German for "jazz music", lit. "slant music"). This mounts a pair of upwards-pointing guns into the the tail of the aircraft, enabling it to fire upwards to engage enemy aircraft at a surprising angle and further increasing its damage against them. This upgrade has no effect on the effectiveness against ground targets, though.

R4M "Orkan" rockets
Further weaponry upgrade I might include.

StormHawk is loaded with two high explosive bombs against ground targets.

Chemical weapon
This upgrade fits the StormHawk with a chemical dispenser, like agricultural aircraft. It can attack ground targets with toxic gas that will kill infantry and the crew of light vehicles.

Chemical weapon +1
Gas becomes corrosive, will damage vehicles and buildings also.

Chemical weapon +2
Gas gains a psychedelic effect that will make those affected go berzerk and turn upon one another.

Gas will kill infantry like Virus effect.

Bioweapon +1
Gas will kill infantry like Virus effect, but gas spawned from fallen infantry will also cause virus death, which will in return spawn more gas... etc etc etc

Trioxin / Bioweapon +2
Gas will mutate affected infantry into mindless Zombies.
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Stormhawk Interceptor
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