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 Nuclear Missile (Titan)

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PostSubject: Nuclear Missile (Titan)   Sat Mar 29, 2008 4:31 am

Launched by: Launch Control Center

In Red Alert 2, the Soviet Union managed to disable the American ICBMs through Yuri's "psychic telephone". In The Third Power, this does not happen: the Minuteman ICBM has just entered service and is available for American commanders. However, since the Minuteman is an ICBM, opposed to the Soviet Nuclear Missile, which appears to be a TBM, it is not launched from any structure on the battlefield. Instead, in dire situations, a commander makes contact with the ICBM command at home, calling for a nuclear strike. The missile will drop at the target zone within a short time. It also does more damage than the Soviet Nuclear Missiles, but leaves neglegible radiation, making it more effective at taking out hardened targets rather than spread forces. However, one should consider that this weapon is a strategic weapon, capable of erasing a whole base and its surroundings from the face of earth. Like the Nuclear Bomb drop, however, the explosion is comparably ineffective versus bunkers.

MRV (Multiple Reentry Vehicle) (Polaris)
Nulcear missile deploys multiple warheads against its target. Damage is greatly multiplied.

MIRV (Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle) (Minuteman)
Upgrade for the Nuclear Missile. Now sprays multiple warheads across the map instead of hitting the target directly.
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Nuclear Missile (Titan)
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