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 Demo Bomber / Hunter-Killer Drone / Kamikaze Droid

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PostSubject: Demo Bomber / Hunter-Killer Drone / Kamikaze Droid   Sat Mar 29, 2008 1:16 pm

Half-way between the improvised Aphrodite Project and the Hunter-Seeker from TS, the Hunter-Killer Strike calls in a drone aircraft built from a retired bomber, stuffed with explosives. The plane works as a cruise missile with slightly more AI capacity and will crash into the target area and explode upon impact. Unlike the Hunter-Seeker, the attack will not target a random enemy object, but can be controlled by transmitting the target coordinates to the drone. Once launched and underway, the drone will be "locked on" it's flight path and cannot be assigned to a new target.
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Demo Bomber / Hunter-Killer Drone / Kamikaze Droid
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