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 AH-1 Cobra

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PostSubject: AH-1 Cobra   Sat Mar 29, 2008 2:40 pm

AH-1 Cobra, AH-1 Cobra (Elite), SuperCobra

Effective VS: Light vehicles, tanks, infantry
Ineffective VS: Missile armed infantry, anti air defenses
Classification: Attack helicopter
Armament: 20mm autocannon/gattling, TOW missiles, 20mm autocannon / gattling, TOW missiles, Hydra missiles (Elite), 20mm autocannon / gattling, TOW missiles, Hydra missiles, Hellfire missiles, Sidewinder missiles, Zuni rockets (SuperCobra)
Armor: Medium
Cost: 1000$
Produced by: Factory
Requires: Airforce Command Center

Armament systems based upon the AH-1F "Modernized" Cobra.

The Cobra is the primary helicopter gunship used by the Allied airforce. It is used in the anti-tank and close air support role. It has less firepower and armor than the Apache, but at its SuperCobra stage, comes very close to the Apache. The SuperCobra has a wide variety of air-to-ground rockets and missiles, which it fires alternatingly when attacking ground targets, and also has missiles and rockets for air-to-air operation.
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AH-1 Cobra
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