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PostSubject: Fallschirmjäger   Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:27 pm

Classification: Light infantry
Effective VS: Infantry
Ineffective VS: Tanks, aircraft, buildings
Armor: none
Armament: Assault rifle
Speed: medium
Cost: 120$
TechLevel: medium
Produced from: -
Requires: -
Special: Can occupy civilian structures

This is a type of infantry the Nazis use as paratroopers. Unlike the Soviets, which, by default, have light infantry as basic infantry, or the Allies, which use superior paradropping technology to drop infantry with heavier equipment, thus enabling them to drop their regular GI, the Germans do have heavier infantry as basic infantry unit, but their inferior paradropping techniques only allow them to drop light infantry. These soldiers are comparable to Soviet Conscripts in both armor, speed and weaponry. Fallschirmjägers are slightly more expensive than Soviet Conscripts when counted for Veterancy or Recycled, but they are not normally buildable, though in some missions they may be.

Like with many German units, the use of Fallschirmjägers necessitates a rapid advance of other forces. Though they can be used to establish forward control, other units must rapidly exploit the breakthrough achieved by them, or they will invariably be crushed by armor or heavy infantry the enemy can bring into the area.
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