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 Wermacht / Trooper

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PostSubject: Wermacht / Trooper   Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:29 pm

Classification: Medium infantry
Effective VS: Infantry
Ineffective VS: Tanks, aircraft, buildings
Armor: none
Armament: Assault rifle
Speed: medium
Cost: 200$
TechLevel: medium
Produced from: Barracks
Requires: Barracks
Special: Can occupy civilian buildings

This is the basic infantry unit used by the Nazis. Comparable to a GI, but cannot deploy.

An upgrade for Wermacht Troopers, Fallschirmjägers and Gebirgsjägers. When ordered to deploy, upgraded infantry will fire flare ammunition into the air. This will illuminate the area with a flash of light, increasing sight range of all units. Unfortunately, this also means enemy forces, so using this ability is only benefitial when combating unarmed opponents. Flares also decloak stealthed units for the duration of the flash and do minor heat damage over a wide area.

Flare 2
Flare used to blind opponents. Targets will become immobile for a short while.

Flare 3 / Airstrike Flare
Advanced Flare upgrade, this calls in an airstrike. Fired by deploying the soldier, then ordering it to fire upon a target.
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Wermacht / Trooper
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