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 Tempest Flak Tank

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PostSubject: Tempest Flak Tank   Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:40 pm

Classification: Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
Effective VS: Aircraft
Ineffective VS: Tanks, buildings
Armor: heavy
Armament: Quad cannon
Speed: medium
Cost: 600$
TechLevel: medium
Produced from: Factory
Requires: Factory, Radar

The Tempest is a tank chassis mounting a quadruple anti-aircraft cannon. It is also the most efficient mobile anti-aircraft weapon in the game. Each individual flak has a high rate of fire on its own, but four of them combined result in a deadly metal storm in the skies above the Tempest, providing Nazi forces and bases with effective and mobile protection from strike fighter, ground attack and bomber aircraft. Even though the Tempest does have better armor protection than most AA vehicles, because it uses a tank hull, the Tempest should steer clear of meetings with enemy armor.

Gattling setup makes flak firing animation cycle through all four barrels
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Tempest Flak Tank
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