A forum on my upcoming mod for C&C: RA2 YR.
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 Gun Turret

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PostSubject: Gun Turret   Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:51 pm

Classification: Gun turret
Effective VS: Tanks
Ineffective VS: Aircraft, infantry
Armor: heavy
Armament: Gun
Speed: none
Cost: 600$
TechLevel: medium
Produced from: Factory
Requires: Factory, Radar

A basic allied defense structure, the Gun Turret is basically the same as in Red Alert: a gun turret on a fixed platform, effective in engaging tanks, but not your first choice for dealing with infantry (or aircraft, for that matter). Like all base defenses, Gun Turrets are crewed by soldiers, which can gain experience. Therefore, unlike with the automated base defenses of the RA2-era, a Gun Turret can reach elite status. When it does, the Gun Turret will be replaced by a Missile Turret, which can attack both air and ground targets (but is still comparably worthless against infantry). AA Turrets upgrade to the same type of missile launcher.
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Gun Turret
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