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 Bismarck Battleship

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PostSubject: Bismarck Battleship   Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:21 pm

The Bismarck Battleship is a heavy battleship, capable of firing high explosive shells against targets at sea or inland at extreme ranges. The ship has two gun turrets, each with two guns. The turrets alternate their fire, meaning that barrel 1 of turret a will fire first, followed by barrel 1 of turret b, then barrel 2 of turret a, finally barrel 2 of turret b, before the process starts all over again. Despite the slow firing of the individual guns, the ship can thus achieve a reasonable rate of fire. The shells are however highly inaccurate, and while they are easily sufficient to blast a way through other heavy craft in direct engagement, they may be insufficient even for the bombardment of stationary targets at their maximum range. However, if the Bismarck hits, the hit is devastating. The greatest threat to the Bismarck comes from submarines and Aircraft Carriers, as the ship has no means of defense against aircraft or submarines, while Carriers can attack from well outside even the Bismarck's range. Like all battleships, the Bismarck is also slow compared to lighter crafts.
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Bismarck Battleship
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