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 Sonic Tank

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PostSubject: Sonic Tank   Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:27 pm

Sonic Tanks use powerful sound blasts to dismantle ground units and buildings. While unparalelled in brute force, the blasts dissapate quickly when transmissed into a medium such as air, which limits the range of the weapon and makes it worthless against aircraft. The large sonic weaponry mounted on the tank can also not be properly shielded from enemy fire without drastically compromising its efficiency (for example, the turret needs to have a large, open loudspeaker), thus exposing vital parts of the tank's machinery and making it rather easy to kill compared to more conventional tank designs. The tank is still an effective weapon in demolition and is equally effective in attacking tanks and infantry. The sonic pulse will also not be confined to damaging the target - instead, it will level everything in its wake.
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Sonic Tank
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